rps tc: wir sind anders! - sie auch?

rps training & consulting Ltd.

We are different! - What´s about you?

Please find on the following pages some information about:

- Who are we?
- What can we do for you?
- How can you contact us?

If you have othe questions, don´t hesitate to contact us.



We are not "normal". That means: We are not a normal consulting company that can do everything and give any advice. As well we never want to become such a company.

The rps training & consulting GmbH was founded in 2013 as a management buy-out of the internationally successful rps.de AG in order to do more effectively business in the following sections:


It was important for us that we could take over the entire contacts and the networtk of rps.de in the above mentioned sectors. We consider quality at the highest level for our clients and us as granted. The success of tomorrow is the result of a combination of contacts, innovation and flexibility based on quality at the highest level.

Of course we are certified accordung to DIN EN ISO 9001 by CERTQUA GmbH, the certification body of the umbrella organization of the German economy. As well we have the AZAV authorization of the German federal ministry of labour and social affairs to promote sponsored training projects.



Professionalism in all of our actions and a high self-expectation are part of our philosophy as well as humanity and a strong relation to reality.

We expect from our customers and our employees openness and transparency. If something does not fit, please tell us this immediately and directly. And be sure that we will do it as well. To solve your problems we need resources. To do our service we always employ the best team. To employ the best team is not cheap and this is the reason why our service is not the cheapiest. But at the end you always will see that you have an excellent return on investment by giving us the opportunity to serve for you.



Who is sick, goes to the doctor and who does not know how to continue with his company, goes to a consultant. Do you really expect that you find a customer list here? In a personal meeting we can discuss this issue in detail and we give you some references of our work. Nevertheless we are happy to present you some branches we helped our customers to improve their success:

  • IT industry

  • Automotive

  • Energy economy

  • Vocational training

  • Chamber of commerce and industry

  • Health service

  • Elderly care

By the way:

We are not only active in Germany. We worked and have clients in the following areas:

  • China

  • Middle East

  • North Africa

  • European Union



We don´t want to do all the things different, but we want to do most of the things much better than we other did before.“

Gerhard, Schroeder,Chancellor in Germany 1998 – 2005, slogan of his election campaign in 1998

Don´t worry, we will not engage in politics. But sometimes there are some statements of politicians which can be adapted in the „real life“.

We do not reinvent the wheel, because we are too much arrested in reality. But we want to develop continously with our our suppliers and our customers. We regard our customers and our suppliers as long-term partners, who believe -like the rps- as well in sustainabilty.

Sometimes you might here statements from us like „We are convinced, that this is not the right way“ or „We cannot help you, but perhaps one of our partner can help you“. We really try to do almost anything for our customers, but if we reach our limit, or if we have value-based concerns, we communicate this immediately and directly to you.

Of course, we hope that you like the following of our services:



We help you to implement the following management systems:

  • ISO 9001 [quality management system]

  • ISO 14001 [environment management system]

  • OHSAS 18001 [occupational healt and safety management system]

  • ISO/TS 16949 [quality management system for the automotive industry]

  • ISO 27001 [information security]

  • ISO 26000 [sustainability]

 We can help you by:

  • writing the whole management system documentation

  • implementing the whole management system

  • acting as a external management representative

  • preparing everything for the external audit 



Nowadays the key factor of doing an excellent service is to have the best employees. Due to the demographic development and the increasing competition in the context of globalization, it will be more and more difficult to find excellent employees. We will help employees and compony to find together in the following sectors:

  • Health service / elderly care

  • IT industry

  • Automotive

We do this business not only in Germany but as well in:


  • GCC Countries in the Middles East



We specialize in our traditional core competencies and provide training in the following areas:

  • Management systems

  • Information technology

  • (foreign) languages

We realize the following training projects in the languages English, French and German:

  • Management representative ISO 9001

  • Management representative ISO 14001

  • Management representative OHSAS 18001

  • Data protection manager

  • Project manager according to the PMI standard

  • CSR (=Corporate Social Responsibilty) manager

  • ITIL v3

  • personnel certification according to the Microsoft standard

  • personnel certification according to the CompTIA standard

  • personnel certification according to the CISCO standard

  • German language courses [from the A1 level to the C2 level]

  • Chinese language courses [beginner and intermediate level]

  • Arab language courses [beginner and intermediate level]

Some of the courses are as well sponsored by German or European institutions.



Where to find us:

Headquarter of the company:

Andreaskloster 16
D-50667 Cologne


phone: +49-221-292191163
E-Mail: info(at)rps-europa.eu

Internet: www.rps-europa.eu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/rpstcgmbh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rpstcgmbh
Google+: https://plus.google.com/104861332035957397702/posts

Legal information:

company name: rps training & consulting GmbH
legal form: GmbH [comparable to Ltd.]
register court: District court Cologne
registration number: HR B 80708